Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Human capital

One of the priorities of the state's economic policy is its "human orientation".

Our goal is to create conditions for the full disclosure of the citizens' potential in various spheres of public relations and increase the productivity of human capital assets.

The goal is planned to be achieved by improving labor and migration policies, progressive innovations in the field of digital literacy and the digital economy, supporting educational projects and modernizing the education system, and implementing effective and advanced medical technologies in accordance with the best international practices. In addition, to achieve this goal, it ie necessary to strive to improve the effectiveness of social projects and services, and ensure conditions for the development of charitable and voluntary activities.

Development directions

  • Creating favorable conditions for attracting and securing certain categories of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation that meet the needs of the Russian labor market for the qualified personnel.
  • Formation of effective employment of the population by increasing the flexibility of labor relations and reducing administrative barriers that hinder the employee turnover.
  • Ensuring the training of highly qualified personnel for the digital economy.
  • Creating conditions for the development of the professional education system.
  • Creating conditions for attracting advanced medical technologies and highly qualified personnel to the healthcare system.
  • Development of a system of social support for citizens, including those that help increase the birth rate, and development of forms of social assistance to citizens in need in order to support their consumer demand.
  • Improving the balance of the pension system, taking into account long-term demographic trends and social and economic development parameters based on the consistent implementation of insurance principles, improving the effectiveness of mechanisms in the field of mandatory pension insurance and pension provision for the population.
  • Providing housing for certain categories of citizens.
  • Creating favorable conditions for broad involvement of citizens in voluntary activities.
  • Development of competition in the social services market by expanding the opportunities for participation of the non-profit sector.
  • Increase in the volume of donations from individuals and legal entities to charitable activities. 
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