Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
National project «Labor Productivity»

The national project "Labor Productivity" ia aimed to ensure the development of a new production culture in the Russian Federation.

The project is based on the successful experience of implementing the priority program "Improving Labor Productivity and Supporting Employment" in 2017-2018, which was implemented at 200 enterprises in 16 regions of the Russian Federation. As a result of participation in the program in 2018, enterprises conducted a self-assessment, and in the current year 70% of them forecast productivity growth of 10%, revenue growth of 13%, and the growth of the tax base on profits of 18%.
At the end of 2019, the enterprises participating in the national project increased the added value by 8.5 billion rubles and amounted to 35 billion rubles. At the same time, the efficiency indicators during the participation in the project on average improved as follows: production increased by 36%, work-in-progress decreased by 39%, and product manufacturing time decreased by 39%.

The national project aims to achieve the national goal "Decent, effective work and successful entrepreneurship":

  • Ensuring the growth rate of the country's gross domestic product above the global average while maintaining macroeconomic stability
  • Ensuring the rate of sustainable growth of the population's income and the level of pension provision not lower than inflation.
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Дата публикации: January 15, 2020
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