Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
National project «Small and medium sized businesses and support of individual entrepreneurial initiatives»

The activities of the national project are aimed at providing comprehensive support to business representatives, including

  • Improving the legislation of the Russian Federation (including a new tax regime for the self-employed), and transforming the business climate which will remove existing regulatory barriers to doing business.
  • Development of microfinance organizations in the regions of the Russian Federation that provide access to loans on preferential terms.
  • Development of regional guarantee organizations in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that allow attracting credit resources secured by sureties and guarantees.
  • Consulting, educational, and property support for entrepreneurs through single entry points, such as "My business" centers, the development of a support system for export-oriented SMEs, and the development of a franchise system.
  • Development of SMEs in order to accelerate their development in single-industry towns.
  • Promoting the development of small innovative enterprises by providing grants to SMEs for the development and creation of innovative products, as well as for R&D, including in the field of sports, urban environment, ecology, and social entrepreneurship.
  • Organization of digital ecospaces by combining the most developed sales platforms, educational and information platforms through ESIA.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, including conducting a federal information campaign that includes promoting the image of an entrepreneur on the Internet and social networks, as well as relevant regional and municipal campaigns.

The national project includes five Federal projects

  • Improving the business environment
  • Increasing SMEs access to financial resources, including concessional financing
  • Acceleration of small and medium enterprises
  • Creation of support system for farmers and development of rural cooperation
  • Promoting entrepreneurship


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