Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
State management

An important activity direction of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and one of the factors determining effectiveness of the implemented economic policy is improvement of public administration system. In this area, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is conducting systematic work covering various aspects of the functioning of the state apparatus.


  • Formation of the digital environment regulatory system;
  • Comprehensive reforming of regulatory, supervisory and permitting activities;
  • Implementation of new principles of public services and development of the network of multifunctional centers "My Documents";
  • Assessment of regulating and actual effect;
  • Reforming the state statistics system;
  • Implementation of national data management system;
  • Implementation of the national project "Labor productivity and employment support";
  • Red tape reduction in the process of formation and implementation of federal targeted investment program (FTIP).

Implemented measures to improve the quality of public administration contribute to

  • elimination of regulatory barriers hindering development and implementation of new digital technologies;
  • development of legislative mechanisms and institutions promoting development of technologies and data economics;
  • reducing administrative burden on business entities when the state performs executive and regulatory functions;
  • systematization and streamlining of mandatory requirements for business entities;
  • improving quality and convenience of public services provided to citizens, digitization of services;
  • improving of quality of statistical data necessary for making managerial decisions. 
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