Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department for Social Services and Non-Profit Sector Development

The Department monitors and analyses situations in the fields of healthcare, education, culture, physical culture and sports, labour and employment, migration, demography, social security, housing, mandatory medical, social and pension insurance.

One of the main tasks of the Department is to elaborate the government policy and legal and regulatory framework of the key issues related to the formation of the favourable conditions for attracting and securing certain categories of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation, increasing in the variability of the forms of employment of the citizens and investment attractiveness of the professional education system.

The sphere of responsibility of the Department also includes the issues related to interaction with the social partners, regulation of labour and related relationships, development of the social service system, social support for different categories of citizens, protection of the rights of families and children, creation of the accessible environment for disabled people, pensions for certain categories of citizens, provision of medicines, healthy lifestyle promotion, reduced drug demand, alcohol and tobacco, provision of certain categories of citizens with housing, etc.

The key projects include

  • The federal project “Personnel for Digital Economy” under the national programme “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, which involves 15 federal executive bodies and more than 30 organisations. The Department is responsible for the implementation of the federal project “Personnel for Digital Economy” and coordinates the works of all participants to the federal project aimed at training of the highly qualified personnel for the digital economy,
  • Development of migration and labour legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at creating conditions for meeting the needs of the economy in qualified personnel.
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