Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department for State Regulation of Tariffs and Infrastructural Reforms

The Department exercises functions and powers to elaborate the government pricing policy, develop and approve draft regulatory legal acts in the sphere of regulation of activities of the natural monopoly entities, strategies and long-term programmes for the development of infrastructure industries and systemically important infrastructure companies, prepare proposals for the forecast for the socio-economic development concerning parameters of changes in prices (tariffs) for goods (services) of infrastructural companies.

One of the key tasks is to improve the methodology of tariffs formation, develop regulatorily and information and analytical support for a new model of long-term tariff regulation based on "inflation minus" principle and the methodology of benchmarking (benchmark costs).

The Department develops and promotes a package of regulatory and legal acts that will increase the investment attractiveness and efficiency of the infrastructure sector guaranteeing the proper use of investment funds included into tariffs, as well as the profitability and return on investment in infrastructure development.

The Department carries out work on the analysis of regulated markets and development of proposals for the formation of targeted models of such markets, including restructuring and deregulation of the certain segments to increase their investment attractiveness and stimulate development.

The Department provides operational participation of the Ministry in the process of tariff regulation at the federal level while being fully engaged in the formation of the final decision of the collegial body of the FAS of Russia in the sphere of tariff regulation.

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