Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department for Foreign Economic Activity Development and Regulation

The Department is responsible for ensuring elaboration of the government policy and legal and regulatory framework in the sphere of foreign economic activity (with the exception of foreign trade), as well as in the areas of cross-border and interregional cooperation.

The Department coordinates the implementation of the government programme “Development of Foreign Economic Activity” and priority projects within the framework of the strategic development direction “International Cooperation and Export” (including the priority project “Systemic Measures for International Cooperation and Export Development”).

The area of responsibility covers implementation of international monetary and credit relations, conducting an analysis of foreign economic activity and studying the situation on the world commodity markets. The Department carries out customs tariff and non-tariff regulation, monitoring and removal of barriers on the foreign markets in relation to the Russian export, implements protective measures in foreign trade and provides supportive measures.

Additional information is available at the portal of foreign economic information

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