Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department for Regional Development

The Department ensures elaboration of the government policy and legal and regulatory framework in the sphere of socio-economic development of regions and municipalities

One of the key areas is ensuring the sustainable development of regions of the Russian Federation by creating tools for the development of the territories with the special conditions for entrepreneurship, as well as the creation of promotional mechanisms aimed at a balanced development of the regions.

Support for geostrategically significant territories determined by the Russian Federation Spatial Development Strategy until 2024 through the policy documents formation.

Ensuring the development of municipal units and other localities, including the development of single-industry towns.

Support for territories with low rates of socio-economic development by means of elaboration of the individual development programmes, which take into account their need for infrastructure facilities, as well as solving the primary problems of the region.

Formation of a balanced system of delineation of powers between the executive authorities of the constituent entities and the local government bodies. Implementation of measures for optimizing these powers.

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