Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Department for Economic Sectors

The Department monitors and analyses the state and prospects of development of the industrial sectors and fuel and energy, transport, agro-industrial and fisheries complexes, and the sphere of information and communication technologies.

The core activities of the Department include analysis of the state and assessment of development prospects, limitations and opportunities for the development of economic agents in certain sectors of the economy.

The subdivision prepares conclusions on the projects of government programmes of the Russian Federation, federal special-purpose programmes and departmental special-purpose programmes aimed at the development of economic sectors, and, as applicable, arranges for expert appraisals of these projects. Reviews regulatory legislative acts regulating the provision of subsidies aimed at supporting industry and agriculture.

Engaged in attracting extra-budgetary investments in the infrastructural projects implemented in the Russian Federation using public and private partnership mechanisms, including concessions. Carries out works to improve availability and quality of the services provided to the population, elaborates a system for monitoring the public-private partnership (PPP), municipal-private partnership (MPP) and concessions project implementation, and encourages the use of PPP mechanisms.

Implements a procedure for assessing socio-economic effects as a mandatory criterion when making decisions on the allocation of budgetary funds or government supportive measures related to the development of transport infrastructure.

Besides, the Department develops and updates the all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity (OKVED) and the all-Russian classifier of products by economic activities (OKPD), as well as provides advisory support for their application.

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