Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Alexey Khersontsev: the on-site inspection should be a last resort in the new control system
16 September 2020 12:21

The State Secretary - Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation said this during the meeting of the Temporary Commission of the Federation Council for Control (Supervision) which has been held today in Izhevsk.

According to Alexey Khersontsev, one of the main innovations of Federal law No. 248-FZ "On state control (supervision) and municipal control in the Russian Federation" is the rejection of verification as the only control and supervisory measure. Instead, 10 control (supervision) technologies are being introduced, including inspection visits, monitoring purchases, etc. "For each type of control, based on its specifics, based on the specifics of mandatory requirements, the activities of subjects that are subject to control, it will be necessary to adjust the system and choose exactly the measures that are necessary for this type of control. An on-site inspection with full contact with the person being checked seems to us to be the extreme, most expensive measure used in cases where other control and supervisory measures are not enough," the Deputy Head of the Department explained.

Another feature of the control system is the priority of prevention. Federal law No. 248-FZ contains 8 different preventive measures (informing, consulting, warning, preventive visit, etc.). In addition, the Institute provides for an independent assessment of compliance with mandatory requirements. "Its logic is that for a number of types of control, for a number of areas where it is necessary to confirm compliance with mandatory requirements, the independent accredited inspection bodies will be involved. If there is a positive conclusion of such an inspection, the organization can be released from the planned control and supervisory activities," Alexey Khersontsev said. Another form of independent control will be inspection within self-regulating organizations. In this case, the organization will also be able to avoid routine monitoring (supervision).  

As explained by Alexander Vdovin, Director of the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Licensing, Control and Supervision Activities, Accreditation and Self-Regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, as part of the preparation of a draft accompanying law to the Federal Law No. 248-FZ currently the Ministry works to exclude provisions that are not based on prevention and a risk-based approach from industry legislation. Changes are being made to more than 100 legislative acts.

The main industry document should be the regulation on the type of control. "The regulation is a document that will aggregate as much information as possible about the type of control both at the federal level and in the regions. Within the framework of these documents, lists of control measures, particularities of risk management, how preventive measures are taken and what these measures are will be established,” a representative of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development explained and stressed that the Ministry will develop a standard regulation for regional control. "It will allow subjects to implement their own regulation based on certain templates and build the most effective control model for themselves," Alexander Vdovin said.

Дата публикации: September 16, 2020
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