Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Andrey Ivanov: it is important to form a single standard of work on attracting investments for the implementation of the IPPA mechanism in the regions
15 January 2021 18:10

In 2021 the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia intends to suggest the regions to create a single universal standard for attracting investments. This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Andrey Ivanov at the Gaidar Forum within the expert discussion "How to move to the regional development budget?".

"Our main task in 2021 is to formulate these standards, to make very clear step-by-step methodological recommendations for their implementation. For example, in "McDonald's" for selling a loaf of bread with meat there is a thick pile of the business processes that need to be executed so that it was the same bread, the same meat and the same salad in any part of the world where it is sold. We should do exactly this in our regions," explained Andrey Ivanov.

According to the Deputy Minister, in the investment world there is a concept called an investment declaration. These are the priorities that are announced by one or another agency that attract investments for a certain period of time. "We believe that this kind of document can appear in every region," he said.
"There is already a successful practice here - a mechanism for compensating infrastructure costs.

Starting from April 1, we are launching the IPPA mechanism in the regions. We need to prepare and help those projects that do not require attention at the federal level. We hope to work actively to ensure that the development budget will be established without unbalancing the budget commitments that the state has made and that our population expects in full. It is important to understand which international jurisdictions we are competing with. We want to offer to earn money on capitalization and think about how much the Russian jurisdiction costs, " said Andrey Ivanov.
According to the first deputy minister, the proposed format of relations with the investor is platform-based, that is, it is the stabilization of the basic conditions that are established by law, which is important for the investor. This stabilization includes conditions that are created by other forms of support - this is a safe element for the investor in the Russian jurisdiction.
Regarding the development of the proposals on the conclusion of agreements on the protection and promotion of investments by the region it is recommended to use the mechanism of IPPA to the investors who are planning to implement investment projects in the subjects of the Russian Federation, including in the areas of development with preferential treatment (PDA, special economic zones, technology parks, industrial parks, etc.), and also use the mechanism for the recovery of infrastructure costs due to the incoming taxes.

Дата публикации: January 15, 2021
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