Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Discussed Measures to Support Russian Enterprises with RUIE Members
16 April 2020 15:34

Maxim Reshetnikov, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, held a meeting with RUIE working group members via video conference.

Participants to the discussion arrived at the conclusion that under the objective constraints of resources to support domestic business, they must be used the most effectively, reducing risks and creating conditions for sustainable operation on a one-time basis.

In the meeting, RUIE members sounded several specific proposals in this regard. Including on the need to make not only occasional but also system-level, industry solutions.

Government has already arranged for works to support citizens, small and medium-sized businesses and industries recognized as the most affected. But to date, the Russian economy needs additional measures that would ensure not only the stable passing the crisis anytime soon but also the dynamics of growth after its ending.

Right away we are conducting stress analysis, which would help to assess real challenges both industrywide and for each company. However, stress analysis findings do not answer the question about the form, size and timing of support. For answering such questions, Government finalizes development of a regulatory framework that completes the decision tree on the allocation of support, forms and terms of support.

In the meeting, RUIE members were informed that operation headquarters of the Interdepartmental Anti-Crisis Commission formed in the Ministry of Economic Development is supposed to be the state support requests collection point. We have almost completed preparation of guidelines, where the actions plan for getting support will be maximally easily spelled out.

Дата публикации: April 16, 2020
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