Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development Proposed to Extend a Deadline for Introduction of New Rules of Passing Exams in State Traffic Safety Inspectorate
15 April 2020 15:29

The relevant draft decree of the Ministry of Economic Development has been brought before the Government. With a view to minimizing economic fallout under the conditions of the spread of new coronavirus infection, Ministry of Economic Development carries out works to extend a deadline for entry into force or the beginning of application of certain legal acts, namely:

1. Transfer to May 31, 2021 of the requirement for equipping freight and passenger transport with GLONASS system.

Today's situation in the economy directly impacted road hauliers, which led to a decrease in traffic and revenue. Extension of time will make it easier for those employed in the transportation sector to complete this period.

2. Transfer to January 1, 2022 of the requirement for obtaining approval of the type of vehicle for transportation of dangerous cargoes and testing tanks for transportation of such cargoes.

The proposed requirements will defer corresponding expenditures for both equipment manufacturers and corporate carriers.

3. Transfer to April 1, 2021 of the new rules for examination of car enthusiast beginners.

Transfer of requirements will allow driving schools that have now suspended the educational process to smoothly integrate changes in the learning process and ensure timely examination for everyone.

4. Postponement to February 1, 2021 of the application of reasons for rejection of vehicle engineering design change due to lack of a conclusion and protocol in the registry of conclusions.

State Traffic Safety Inspectorate registers more than 200,000 vehicle engineering design changes annually, and extension of the deadline will allow avoiding additional organizational and cost loading on applicants.

Дата публикации: April 15, 2020
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