Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
The Government Listed Cottage Industries and Vending as Affected Industries
14 May 2020 12:07

The corresponding document was signed by the Acting Prime Minister A. R. Belousov. According to the Act elaborated by the Ministry of Economic Development, the list of sectors of the Russian economy that are worst-hit by the spread of new coronavirus infection will be supplemented with the following areas:

  • Manufacture of arts and crafts products
  • Machine-based trading activities
  • Other retail trade in non-specialized stores

Supplementing the list with arts and crafts production activities (OKVED 2-32.99.8) is due to a significant decrease in sales volumes. This resulted directly from the industry's dependence on the tourism industry and exhibition and fair events.

Due to a significant decrease in revenue for legal entities and IEs within the framework of OKVED code 2-47.99.2 Machine-Based Trading Activities because of the closure of educational organizations, sports facilities, shopping centres, as well as the reduction in passenger throughput at airports and other transport hubs, it was decided to include this activity among the most affected industries.

Analysis of the revenue data of organizations engaged in retail trade in non-food products demonstrated that under the framework of OKVED 2-47.19 Other Retail Trade in Non-Specialized Stores, the average volume of revenue significantly decreased in the period of imposition of quarantine restrictions. It is against this background that it was decided to include all groups in the list.

We recall that in early April the Government approved a list of industries that experienced the most negative impact of the pandemic. Initially, these areas included motor and air transportation; culture, leisure and entertainment; organization of conferences and exhibitions; fitness and sports; tourism and hotels; catering; continuing education; beauty salons, repairs, and other consumer services.

Дата публикации: May 14, 2020
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