Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Experts have evaluated the most effective special economic zones in Russia
2 December 2020 21:16

With the support of the Ministry of economic development of Russia the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia (AKIT) has presented the IV rating of investment attractiveness of special economic zones (SEZ). In 2020, the rating included 16 SEZs from 12 regions of Russia. Experts have identified the best industrial-production and technical-implementation zones in the country.

The rating is headed today by large and long-standing industrial special economic zones in Tatarstan (Alabuga) and the Lipetsk region, technical and implementation sites in the Moscow region (Dubna), Moscow and St. Petersburg, all of them were created in 2005.

The rankings took into account the number of residents, volume of investments, provision of benefits and preferences for investors, provision of infrastructure, investment attractiveness of the region, the openness of information on SEZ in the Internet and other settings.

According to Deputy Minister of economic development Sergey Galkin, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia expects a full return on budget investments in the next 2-3 years in relation to these sites. The Deputy Minister also noted the importance to evaluate the full effectiveness and impact of a particular site after 10 years of its operation, mature zones show more capacious results. At the same time, the Ministry of Economic Development also evaluates sites at an early stage, and compares the real dynamics of investment and the progress of investment projects with the declared indicators.

"The national investment attractiveness rating is an independent assessment in which the business itself and experts evaluate the attractiveness of sites in terms of business convenience. It is important for us to get an objective view from the business and expert community not only on specific sites, but also on the SEZ Institute in general, and based on this, to improve the conditions for investment activities," Sergey Galkin noted.

"Special economic zones remain one of the most effective and comprehensive tools for implementing state investment policy. SEZs help attract direct Russian and foreign investment in priority sectors of the Russian economy, create new jobs, and, as a result, accelerate the social and economic development of Russian regions," Andrey Shpilenko explained, Director of the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia.

Over the 15 years of the SEZ mechanism's existence in Russia, they have attracted more than 830 residents. Since the SEZ creation, residents have invested 497 billion rubles and created more than 42 thousand new jobs. This includes almost 250 billion rubles invested by foreign residents. The annual inflow of investment in the SEZ is about 70-80 billion rubles.

Дата публикации: December 2, 2020
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