Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Maxim Reshetnikov: Russia is interested in cooperation with Germany in the development of renewable energy sources
11 December 2020 18:31

The Russian Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov held the first meeting of the Russian-German Economic Council on Friday, December 11.

The Council was created following the meeting in October between First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov and the heads of major German companies in Russia. The meeting launched the Russian-German cross-year "Economy and Sustainable Development" 2020-2022.

As Maxim Reshetnikov noted, cooperation between the two countries does not stop even in the face of a pandemic. German business continues to invest in the Russian economy – Bayer has received the status of a SEZ resident in Lipetsk, and in September a Logistics center of the German company GLOBUS was opened in the Moscow region.

In the current situation, like other countries Russia is actively engaged in economic recovery. The Ministry of Economic Development has formulated a number of directions for expanding cooperation with Germany. "Now is the time when we can and should expand our cooperation and find new directions, "points of growth". We see great potential in the development of cooperation," he stressed.

In particular, Maxim Reshetnikov considers it important to switch to joint production of products with high added value for the needs of the automotive industry, the aviation industry, railway engineering, and energy.

Separately, the Minister focused on the climate agenda and pointed out that it is in the focus of the Russian Government. He recalled that the Russian Federation implements industry-specific programs-promotion of renewable energy sources, hydrogen energy. "We are determined to intensify the dialogue in these areas with the German side. It is extremely important for us to reach a common understanding on the main issues – to standardize the concepts of hydrogen production methods and to develop technologies for its transportation. We would like to consider the possibility of joint implementation of projects to create hydrogen production in Russia with localization of technologies, " the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development suggested.

Another promising area where we can increase cooperation is the IT sphere, Maxim Reshetnikov believes. He drew attention to the fact that the tax benefits introduced in the Russian Federation can be used by both Russian IT companies and companies that have German founders and meet the necessary conditions for the degree of localization.

"We see the Russian-German Economic Council as a wonderful new tool for rapid coordination of specific projects between entrepreneurs and politicians," Oliver Hermes said, Chairman of the Eastern Committee of the German economy. "Especially in politically difficult times, we, the Eastern Committee of the German economy, make great efforts to preserve the dialogue between Germany and Russia and further develop the possibilities of our cooperation. We hope that the German-Russian cross-year "Economy and Sustainable Development", which is operated by the Eastern Committee of the German economy on the German side, will also give a new impetus to our joint projects in various fields, such as climate protection and the digital economy," he added.

Rainer Seele, President of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade (CFT), believes that the first meeting of the Russian-German Economic Council is "an important signal for improving relations between Moscow and Berlin." "In addition, this is the starting impulse for the Russian-German thematic year dedicated to the economy and sustainable development. In particular, such important areas as environmental protection and sustainable development have a great potential for cooperation between our countries. If we manage to combine technologies and innovative capabilities of both countries, we will be able to achieve positive development for the economy and society not only in these areas, but also in other areas," he said.

Дата публикации: December 11, 2020
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