Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Developed New Rules for Monitoring the Concessionaire Agreements, Including for the Budgetary Obligations Evaluation
9 June 2020 13:02

Ministry of Economic Development has posted a draft decree for public discussion on the federal portal of draft regulations.

The document has been developed to improve the monitoring of concessionaire agreements and is aimed at increasing the transparency of information about budgetary obligations under the concessionaire agreements, as well as establish the possibility of further evaluation of such obligations. For this purpose, the rules impose a duty to post information about the absolute and contingent obligations of the budgets of the Russian budgetary system that are stipulated and actually fulfilled under the concessionaire agreements.

The system for monitoring of the concessionaire agreements, including monitoring of budgetary obligations thereunder, is built based on the State Information System “Management”.

The proposed approach to monitoring of the concession agreements will allow the state not only to have a registry of concessionaire agreements concluded at all administrative levels, with the necessary scope of information about the agreements but also to have information about the size of the budgetary obligations in the context of various public legal entities.

The draft decree establishes a staged implementation of a system for monitoring of such budgetary obligations, starting with federal concessionaire agreements and gradually including regional and municipal concessions.

Besides, the draft resolution clarifies the list of data on the concessionaire agreements, the terms and procedure for their disclosure, as well as establishes the obligation to document the information entered.

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has significantly improved the State Automated System “Management”, including significantly improved the quality of data submitted by concessors to it. Earlier this year, the Ministry prepared the first comprehensive review of official analytical data on the condition of PPP sector in Russia with the use of this system.

“Our aim is to provide a wide range of participants in PPP market with topical and comprehensive information about the condition of PPP market,” Mikhail Rasstrigin, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, commented.

Дата публикации: June 9, 2020
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