Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Pilot project "Digital MFC" is launched in 4 regions
20 August 2020 15:01

A pilot project "Digital MFC" is being implemented in 11 MFC centers in four regions of Russia (Novgorod region, Moscow region, Voronezh region, Ulyanovsk region).

Within the framework of the project, MFC employees advise applicants on obtaining services in electronic format, as well as teach basic computer skills to be able to work with portals of state and municipal services in the future. More than 700 people have already used the help of consultants. For more information about creating a system of "Digital MFC", see the 7th issue of the analytical review of the Ministry of Economic Development "State Regulation in the Terms of COVID-19".

The new review also provides data on monitoring the quality of public services. The number of calls to MFCS and on the portal in August continues to grow: 2.7 million in MFC and 4.6 million in UPSSs, the disparity between face-to-face and electronic calls is decreasing and is currently 1.7 times, which indicates a continuing trend the growing popularity of government services in electronic form and the transition of users online.

In the W2 of August, the most popular service in electronic form was the service for informing insured persons about the status of their individual accounts in the mandatory pension insurance system – from 10 to 16 August, 574,741 requests were received for this service alone.

The new digest also contains the results of a United Nations study on the development of e-government in UN member states, according to which Russia is among the countries with a high level of e-government development.

In addition, the issue contains canceled acts under the "regulatory guillotine" mechanism for the period from July 9 to August 17, as well as information about ongoing and canceled inspections.

Дата публикации: August 20, 2020
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