Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Russian Ministry of Economic Development and SME Corporation will evaluate effectiveness of digital services for entrepreneurs
11 February 2021 10:05

The Ministry of Economic Development, together with the SME Corporation, has launched a survey for entrepreneurs to help identify the most sought-after digital services for businesses as part of the creation of a unified ecosystem of support measures. You can take part in the survey until 12 March at Corporation website:

During the period of the coronavirus infection, the activities of many small and medium-sized companies changed and remote working modes were actively introduced, so the preferences and priorities of entrepreneurs in terms of demands for digitalisation of business support services may have changed significantly.
The key objective of the survey is to obtain detailed feedback from the business community, analyse the information received and, based on this data, develop the most client-focused digital business support services possible. The questionnaire consists of several blocks aimed at evaluating the convenience and accessibility of existing services, prioritising new services for entrepreneurs, and it also provides an opportunity to share your ideas on new directions for digital services. The results of the survey will be used to develop the product line of the SME digital support ecosystem that the Ministry of Economic Development is creating. SMEs and self-employed persons will be able to receive the necessary services and support infrastructure on a one-stop-shop basis, some of them in a one-click format without having to provide additional information and documents.
"The main objective of digital services for entrepreneurs is to create easy access to information on support measures and methods, as well as to show the possibility of further development and acceleration trajectory to the entrepreneur based on their specific business situation. Let us recall that in 2020, the federal project "Creation of a digital platform with a targeted selection mechanism and remote access to support measures and special services for SMEs and self-employed citizens" was included in the SME national project, which provides for developing and providing SMEs and self-employed citizens in a single ecosystem with popular services, both public and commercial, as well as enabling "seamless" interaction and access to all support measures and services (including bank loans) on a one-stop-shop basis. At the same time, feedback from the business community is extremely important to us because we take their needs and wishes into account when developing digital services for entrepreneurs," said Tatiana Ilyushnikova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
"Today, Russia has an effective entrepreneurship support system in place that allows you to receive services at any stage of your business development, from training when starting a business to obtaining financial instruments when implementing complex projects. At the same time, business, which is essentially our customer, has a great demand for simplifying mandatory procedures and reducing the time it takes to complete them. Increased accessibility of financial and non-financial instruments is possible through the digitalisation of state support with a smooth transition to electronic formats.

Targeting and proactive provision of support is at the heart of the digital platform for business. However, for this transition to be comfortable, it is necessary to be in constant dialogue with the entrepreneurs themselves. The survey is precisely one of the convenient and effective forms of obtaining feedback from businesses, which will help us to aggregate information and formulate particular steps to improve the system for developing the institution of entrepreneurship. Only a client-focused approach to forming and providing state support will truly be in demand among the entrepreneurial community," comments Alexander Isaevich, CEO of SME Corporation.  
Alexander Kalinin, President of Opora Russia, noted: "The creation of a digital ecosystem for SME support, which is being developed by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development together with the SME Corporation, is envisaged in the updated national project for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. A single website where an entrepreneur will be able to receive the necessary services and products in a seamless and documents-free way. But the platform will only become truly relevant when the entrepreneurs themselves say what they need to grow their businesses. Only the entrepreneurs themselves can say which information and which services should be presented on the digital platform and in what form. I therefore encourage you to take the survey and participate in creating a useful and user-friendly SME support ecosystem".
The launch of a digital platform for businesses is envisaged in the updated national SME development project: it is a mechanism for targeted selection of support measures as well as their proactive receipt. The platform is now operating in test mode.

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