Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Russian Ministry of Economic Development presented the "Public Services" information system to the World Bank and the Government of Argentina
30 July 2021 15:25

On Thursday, 29 July, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia presented the "Public Services" information system and other national digital solutions for e-government to representatives of the World Bank and the Government of Argentina. The parties discussed the development of the service, the successful application of the system and the possibility of using Russian technologies and know-how by international partners.

As Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, noted, digitalisation has made its way into all spheres of life. Instant access to any information has become part of everyday reality and a basic need. In this regard, Russia is undergoing digital transformation: the latest technologies are being introduced and used: Big Data, blockchain, cloud data storage, virtual reality, neural networks and biometric identification.

"One of the most important steps in Russia's transition to a digital state was the launch of the "Public Services" information system. The system allows citizens to receive most public services remotely, free of charge and without queues: from applying for benefits and state payments to registering legal entities," the deputy minister said.

According to him, the federal register of public services contains all important information about all services and authorities.

It is a geographically distributed system consisting of federal, regional and municipal hubs. The federal register of public services also receives information from the Multifunctional Public Services Center (MPSC) network development monitoring system.

"The "Public Services" system is very successful among the people. As an example, I would mention one-off payments for school-age children to prepare them for the new school year. The service was launched on 15 July 2021, and a week later, by 22 July, it had over 10.4 million requests. The application can be submitted in just a few minutes electronically, without the need for a personal visit to the authority or the MPSC," Volvach continued.

Another example of successful implementation on the "Public Services" website was the COVID-19 vaccination appointment, he added. Since the end of January 2021, more than 25 million requests for vaccination appointments have been made on the Public Services Portal.

At the same time, the authorities monitor the quality of the public services provided: information from citizens is collected through SMS and telephone surveys, special terminals in MPSCs, through the websites of government agencies and the Public Services Portal, Volvach emphasised.

"I am confident that our international partners can successfully apply Russian know-how to their systems. This helps to make most processes transparent and accessible for people, businesses and public bodies. As a result, the trust of citizens and businesses in the authorities is growing. In addition, modern technology makes it possible to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, speed up the decision-making process and eliminate corruption," he concluded.

The participants agreed to continue joint contacts on the subject of digitalisation of public services, using the most advanced technologies and the successful experience of the Russian Federation in this field.

Дата публикации: July 30, 2021
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