Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Sergey Nazarov: the volume of investments in the Crimea increased in 10 times for five years
22 April 2019 12:30

“For five years in the Crimea we managed to increase the investment growth in ten times, which led to a double growth of gross regional product”, said Sergey Nazarov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, speaking at the plenary session of Yalta International Economic Forum.

According to him, the population and life expectancy have also increased in the peninsula during that period, and despite a number of difficulties in the transitional regime as well as unrevealed potential, the region continued to develop steadily and to show a solid performance. Sergey Nazarov noted that positive dynamics is connected with implementation of measures of the Federal targeted program of the Crimea development, and increase of investments inflow is connected with the free economic zone regime.

“Investors have invested 4 rubles per ruble of benefits – this is a good indicator for investment growth and attraction of private capital”, said the Deputy Minister. He noted that today the interest to the free economic zone has slightly decreased because the preferential regime on insurance premiums has expired. “Currently we pursue to come back to it again and to restore the preferential regime since 2020, because projects implementation in the free economic zone showed good results”, said the Deputy Minister.

Speaking on the following stages of the region development, Sergey Nazarov informs that the authorities discuss prolongation of the time of the Federal Targeted Program implementation until 2025, as well as increasing of its financing. “Despite the sanctions regime, and the difficulties existing in the Crimea, the prerequisites for the region development, created under the framework of the Federal Targeted Program, will be fundamental in the peninsula development. And those investments, which are planned for the next five years, will allow meeting the targets”, he added.

Дата публикации: April 22, 2019
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