Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has registered the first residents of the Special Economic Zone "Alga"
17 September 2020 12:26

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has included the first residents of the Alga SEZ Arkada and M Sintez in the register of residents of special economic zones.  The Arkada company plans to create an automated garment factory for the production of work uniform. The construction is scheduled to start this year, and the first production is scheduled for September 2021. The investment amount in the project will be about 680 million rubles, and 800 new jobs will be created. M Sintez is implementing a project to produce a cetane-boosting additive for diesel fuels. The company plans to invest 5.6 billion rubles in new production and create more than 100 new jobs. The production is scheduled to start in the Q2 2023.

The industrial-production SEZ "Alga" was established in May 2020 in Bashkortostan to accommodate the production of petrochemical processing products, create an environmental center for testing and implementing methods for recultivation of oil-contaminated territories, as well as other enterprises. In total, residents will create 1.9 thousand new jobs, and the amount of tax deductions of resident companies to the budgets should reach 69.3 billion rubles by 2029.

Currently, there are 33 special economic zones in Russia. Over 15 years of operation, the SEZ have attracted 818 residents with a declared investment amount of 1091.4 billion rubles, of which 445.28 billion rubles have already been implemented, and more than 40,000 new jobs have been created. Residents' revenue amounted to more than 967 billion rubles, residents paid 52.8 billion rubles of taxes to all budgets, 56 billion rubles of customs payments and 26.35 billion rubles of insurance premiums.

Дата публикации: September 17, 2020
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