Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to simplify the execution of legislative instruments within the "regulatory guillotine"
30 April 2020 10:52

At the Government meeting on April 30 Maxim Reshetnikov, the Minister of economic development, presented a draft decree, which involves simplifying certain procedures for the development and adoption of draft laws and regulations prepared within the "regulatory guillotine".

Inter alia the document proposes to reduce to 15 working days the period for state registration of laws and regulations prepared within the "regulatory guillotine". The approval period for departmental draft acts is reduced from 30 to 10 days from the date of receipt.

A presumption of approval is established for draft decrees of the Russian Government and draft Federal laws. If the interested authority has not sent comments within 10 days, such an instrument may be submitted to the Russian Government without consent.

As part of the regulatory impact assessment procedure, a single period of 15 working days is established to debate publically the draft acts developed under the "regulatory guillotine". Regulatory impact assessment reports should be executed within 7 business days regardless of the degree of regulatory impact.

There are also additional requirements for the publicity of creation of regulatory acts. If public debates of draft laws and regulations developed within the "regulatory guillotine" are held, the draftsperson shall notify the Analytical center under the Government, which is the project office of the "guillotine".

Changes are being made to the Regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Rules for preparing laws and regulations of Federal Executive bodies and their state registration, the Rules for assessing regulatory impact, and the Rules for Federal Executive bodies to disclose information about the preparation of draft laws and regulations and the results of their public debates.

It is to be reminded that the "regulatory guillotine" is a tool to review laws and regulations that affect the business climate. The reform was launched on behalf of the President. According to it agencies need to cancel all acts to be checked during control and supervisory activities, and to put into effect updated standards geared towards the risk-oriented approach and the current state of technological development.

Дата публикации: April 30, 2020
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