Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Torosov: changes to the law on PPP will launch new infrastructure projects in the regions
28 August 2020 15:29

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has sent a draft Federal law to the Ministry of Justice of Russia for approval, which provides for improving the legal regulation of PPP mechanisms.

"The bill includes the market analysis, law enforcement and judicial practice, the position of authorities and the expert community," said Ilya Torosov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, during a round table held with VEB.RF.
The document provides for the possibility of full reimbursement by the state of investors' expenses for the creation and operation of facilities, as well as improving competitive procedures and stimulating pre-project preparation within the framework of a private initiative.
The bill will play an important role in minimizing the risks of disputes over agreements and increase the degree of protection of the interests of private investors with PPP projects, what will encourage the implementation of researched and development of new projects.
In addition, it will give a new impetus to the PPP market and allow launching new infrastructure projects in the regions, which is extremely important in the current conditions.
At the moment, about 3.2 thousand concessions worth more than 2 trillion rubles are being implemented in Russia, of which 1.5 trillion rubles are private investments.
"The PPP potential is not fully disclosed for a number of reasons, including negative judicial practice and the lack of legally established opportunities to encourage private investors," Ilya Torosov said.
The round table participants discussed the importance and potential of the amendments proposed by the draft law to attract private investment in infrastructure and improve the quality of life of citizens, as well as assessed the impact of the entry into force of the draft law on the development of the PPP market, including taking into account existing judicial practice. In addition, the speakers and viewers who asked questions during the round table formed a number of proposals for further improvement of the legislation on public-private partnership, which may become the subject of a separate bill or be used in finalizing it.
The discussion was moderated by Svetlana Yachevskaya, Deputy Chairman of VEB.RF - Member of the Board, Chairman of the Board of ANO National PPP Center.
"Quite intensive work was carried out on the draft law at various stages. The current iteration takes into account the opinions of participants in the PPP market, authorities, as well as the practice of applying the law. I hope that we will develop solutions that will create attractive conditions for all project participants, both public and private, as well as for funding organizations, and thereby contribute to the growth of high - quality infrastructure projects, and therefore the state economy," Svetlana Yachevskaya noted.
As a result of the round table, experts formed a consolidated positive opinion on the draft law. The project has been formed for several years, and its upcoming consideration in the Government and submission to the Parliament are long-awaited.

Дата публикации: August 28, 2020
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