Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
98% of businesses that have taken concessional loans kept jobs - Tatyana Ilyushnikova
25 February 2021 10:15

The analysis by the office of business ombudsman Boris Titov has not been made available to us, but we are willing to study it. The information published in the media is speculative. We rely on data provided to us on a regular basis by banks participating in preferential lending programmes for businesses. According to this data, 98% of the borrowers in the FOT (salary fund) 2.0 programme comply with the employment condition and can therefore expect the loan to be written off. At the same time, we see that not all businesses have been able to recover from the effects of the COVID restrictions, which is why the government, on behalf of the President, is launching a new programme of concessional loans at 3% in March, which, like FOT 2.0, is aimed at sustaining jobs.

Employment support loans were generally the most popular support measure during the pandemic, with the FOT.0 (1.2 million jobs supported) and FOT 2.0 (5.3 million jobs supported) programmes.

Companies affected by the pandemic can now take advantage of the measures that have been extended to 2021.

These include a) a moratorium on inspections for small businesses; b) support measures for producers and sellers of excisable goods; c) liberalisation of borrowing requirements for RGOs (regional guarantee organizations) and MFOs (microfinance organizations); and d) a preferential 8.5% loan programme - from 2021 the marginal rate is reduced to 7% and the liberalised borrowing requirements are extended.

Дата публикации: February 25, 2021
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